Tele Health Apps with nanoStream

With the help of nanoStream’s video collaboration software, tele health enterprises connect patients and doctors in live video consultations.

Virtual medical consultations reach their limits when patients need the physical examination of medical personnel. But they are a necessary technical improvement for patients who are living in remote areas, have chronic illnesses or are seeking a second medical opinion.

In just a few clicks, patients receive a medical or therapeutic consultation by securely connecting to a video chat application. Doctors and therapists can also use applications to securely connect to colleagues and exchange knowledge or guidance on specific cases, e.g. if they live in remote areas.

Patient-to-doctor and doctor-to-doctor use cases require a secure WebRTC peer-to-peer connection and easy usability. Privacy and security are of utmost importance when it comes to patients’ health information. The nanoStream solution provides high security in transmission of video streams and documents. is browser-based and plugin-free, which makes the tele health applications user-friendly: The video consultation is initiated from the browser and securely connects both parties. Users don’t have to download a plugin or install an extra application. Further, the platform offers screen and document sharing functions that can be used during video consultations.

Patients living in remote areas may experience uncertain network connection. Through adaptive bitrate streaming nanoStream enables steady live streams in varied network conditions. Our worldwide CDN makes it possible to connect doctors to patients around the world, while managing a high number of ingests.

nanocosmos developers collaborate closely with live streaming partners to offer solutions adapted to their business use cases.

For tele health professionals, this means considering important aspects such as easy usability, patient data protection and legal issues in the development process.

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