Talkpoints Convey using nanoStream H5Live player for low-latency live streams on any browser

TalkPoint, a PGI company, uses nanoStream H5Live player for their Convey product for low-latency live streaming of webcasts on any browser.

nanoStream software enables effective video collaboration in enterprise environments to connect employees at a distance.

nanoStream H5Live is a unique live streaming protocol and player for ultra-low-latency playback on any browser, including Safari on iOS, with low-latency HLS.

TalkPoint Convey makes it easy to popularize businesses and their products through live streaming events and online webinars, using nanocosmos’ robust low-latency broadcasting technology for live encoding and screen sharing. Over 20 years of experience give nanocosmos the edge in professional video streaming software development and services. nanoStream for broadcast and H5Live for playback creates a seamless, easy-to-use, browser based live streaming experience.

Talkpoint Convey

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