Collaboration with nanoStream WebRTC: secure and high quality video-based collaboration in real-time

Nanocosmos’ new WebRTC server and client toolkits make in-house communication for corporates and institutions easier, more effective and safe. WebRTC, or Web Real Time Communication, enables plugin-free video broadcast and video chat communication through the browser. No new app installation necessary, no download – a simple but secure browser-based application, with a user interface that can be customized to suit your corporate environment.

WebRTC Communications neu

A stable, end-to-end video chat, conference and live streaming technology that covers all your internal and external communication needs: conduct remote interviews, set up meetings, and share documents and presentations. Our nanoStream WebRTC client and server software enables you to run video chats with employees and clients through your own server or our streaming platform and store the videos safely.

nanoStream WebRTC software enables communication between people in many different ways: Our combined WebRTC video chat with RTMP broadcasting allows a secure unified communications strategy for companies – from 1-on-1 discussions with employees at a distance to sharing live events with 10.000 viewers. While some of our customers use it to engage students around the world in educational content, others improve corporate communications with real-time video communication tools powered by nanoStream.

Companies need high quality, secure communication tools that use digital audio and video technology to its full potential. nanoStream proudly offers cross-platform application of all its services, so you can meet your team or run conference calls from any device – your computer, tablet or phone. Webcasting and telecommunications customers worldwide trust our WebRTC communication software. nanoStream WebRTC enables them to provide full corporate communications services, while guaranteeing security in video streaming and data storage.

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