nanoStream 4.6 Release Notes

nanoStream 4.6 SDK for iOS:

nanoStream SDK now contains the framework for stream management and full end-to-end live streaming.

Changes for 4.6:
– added component (Bintu.framework) and samples
– added AEC audio
– fix for different audio formats for multiple stream playback
– rendering of video frames does not rely on CADisplayLink anymore
– fixed RTMP player issue for multiple stream playback
– reduced verbose logging to avoid logging performance impact
– added complete Bitcode support
– fixed linker errors when building for x86_64
– AdaptiveBitrateControlSettings.minimumFramerate below 15fps are now respected
– AdaptiveBitrateControlModeFrameDrop does not reduce framerate for the local recording anymore
– audio playback now ignores the silent switch by default (usesApplicationAudioSession)
– improved audio interruption handling
– added encoder resolution 352×288
– fixed an issue with the bandwidth check, if the port was specified for the rtmp url
– fixed a possible crash with the AdaptiveBitrateControlModeQualityDegrade

nanoStream 4.6 SDK for Android

  • Added SDK and samples
  • Added Bandwidth check
  • nanoStream Live Encoder default settings changed:
    • Frame rate from 15 to 30 fps
    • Keyframe distance from 5 sec. to 4 sec.
    • Adaptive Bitrate Control:
    • Mode from disabled to Quality degrade and frame dropped
    • Max bit rate from 2 MBits/s to 1.5 x start bit rate

nanoStream 4.6 SDK for Windows
– Added samples for C++ and C#