nanoStream 4.3 Release Notes

nanoStream SDK 4.3 – 4.1 for iOS

  • improved portrait and landscape streaming modes
  • improved playback of streams from specific servers
  • improved reconnect handling in certain circumstances
  • fixed crash connected to rtmp server connections
  • fixed memory leaks
  • fixed playback issue on iPhone6s
  • added interface for VOD playback
  • added “endless” playback mode
  • fixed ssl connect issue
  • fixed possible crash, when streaming in legacy mode
  • fixed audio encoding issues
  • fixed audio issue for iPhone 6s
  • changed method initWithSettings/initWithSession: now returns nil for errors during init
  • changed method start: changed completion block parameter from bool to NSXErrorGeneral – check nanostreamEventListener for more error information
  • added bitcode support
  • moved drone dependencies for Parrot and DJI to separate package

nanoStream SDK 4.3 for Android

  • Improved HD live streaming
  • Improved support for devices with MediaTek (MTK) chipset and pacific region devices
  • Improved User Interface Responsiveness
  • Improved RotationHelper class for portrait and landscape mode streaming
  • Fixed Preview and Stream orientation for devices, where the Camera Mount Orientation deviates from standard Camera Mount Orientation
  • Fixed aspect ratio in local recordings with crop or rotation enabled

nanoStream SDK 4.3 – 4.1 for Windows

  • UDP sink: added live mode for low latency streaming of live sources
  • UDP sink: statistics ?
  • added support for ipv6
  • RTMP sink: added support for separate URL and stream name
  • screen capture: fixed memory leak
  • RTMP source: improved playback from third party servers
  • RTMP source: added http tunneling for playback
  • https improvements
  • updated screen capture window capture mode
  • updated MXF movie info and re-wrappers
  • improved H.264 Quicksync hardware encoder