How to Use nanoStream Apps for Low Latency Streaming

nanoStream Live Streaming with Low Latency

nanoStream Apps can be used for end-to-end video streaming with low latency with mobile devices. Use our ready apps or create your own app by booking our rebranding and whitelabel service or using your own development with our nanoStream SDK.

With the new nanoStream Broadcaster and Player Apps for iOS and Android, it is beyond simple to create and watch a video stream

Background: What is Latency?

Latency is the delay or time offset between the sender (broadcaster) and receiver (player). Sending a live video stream over the internet usually adds a significant latency, which is sometimes acceptable for broadcasting applications, but not for interactive video chat apps. On iOS things are usually even worse, as the built-in video player uses the HLS protocol which add latency of several seconds.

By using nanoStream, you can use the RTMP protocol on all platforms including iOS to achieve latency values far below 1 second.

What is required?

  • nanoStream Broadcaster App 4.0
  • nanoStream Player App 4.0

How to use nanoStream

  1. Open nanoStream Broadcaster App on iOS or Android
  2. Create a live stream, either to or your own RTMP server
  3. Open nanoStream Player App on another device
  4. Enter the Playback URL
  5. Turn down the buffer size in the player app to 100ms
  6. Start the playback stream

By using both our broadcaster and player software, even on iOS you will be able to create a live video stream! Without further fine tuning, end-to-end latency values over the internet below 1 Second should be possible. This is possible by using the realtime protocol RTMP on both ends, and not HLS.

Note: this is highly dependent on the server infrastructure. If you are using CDN or multi-server enviroments, latency values might be increased and further configuration required.

Contact us for further information or support!

See also our documentation/wiki about latency for further implementation details.