nanoStream 3D Live Video Encoder

nanoStream 3D Live Video EncodernanoStream 3D Video Encoder is a video and audio capture and encoding software that streams audio and video in real time to Media Servers and other Network clients. Additionally to regular 2D video encoding, a 3D video mode allows 3D stereoscopic video streaming.

The Encoder is based on applications and plugins and is also available as a ready-to-use installation kit as well as a Software Developer Kit for integrating live video capture and streaming into custom systems.

Additional video coding components are used for encoding to H.264, MPEG and WMV (WindowsMedia) video and streaming to Flash based streaming servers.

All components are optimized for high performance and are available for Windows (MacOS upon request). It may be licensed by Professional users, developers and OEM customers.
Live Media Encoding for H.264 / Flash, MPEG-2 HD and WMV

· RTMP protocol compatible to Flash Media Server / Wowza Media Server
· Encoder Architecture based on modular DirectShow filters
· Encoding and Streaming Application and Plugins for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome
· Highest Quality Encoding and Streaming of HD 2D and 3D-Video material
· 3D-video compatible to polarisation displays with left/right, up/down and interlaced structure
· Highest Quality and Performance H.264 video encoding, compatible to Flash Media Servers