Outdoor Aerial Live Video Streaming with Drones and nanoStream

See some examples of outdoor aerial video streams recorded from drones on our youtube channel.

Standup paddling in Finland with Parrot #BebopDrone

Kayaks on Nuasjärvi with Parrot #BebopDrone

Nuasjärvi/Kainuu/Finland from above



How to use nanoStream for Live Streaming from Parrot Drones



How to use nanoStream for Live Streaming from Parrot Drones

Live Video Streaming and sharing of Live Video from Drones to the internet is simple.

Currently, these setups are supported:

Use Cases

  • Live Broadcast of Events
  • Breaking News
  • Sports
  • Surveillance
  • Inspection (Buildings, Agriculture)

General Setup with Parrot BebopDrone, Skycontroller and nanoStream


Network Configuration

The iPhone or iPad connects to the WiFi hotspot on the drone or Skycontroller. The same time it connect to the internet over 3G/4G to send a live stream.  Continue reading How to use nanoStream for Live Streaming from Parrot Drones

TalkPoint Convey Webcasting Platform integrates WebRTC Technology by nanocosmos

TalkPoint Convey integrates WebRTC technology by nanocosmos.

Talkpoint Convey is the only true do-it-yourself, enterprise-grade webcasting platform available today. No downloads, no plug-ins – all you need is a browser.

With the nanoStream WebRTC-RTMP bridge server technology, seemless integration of WebRTC clients are possible into RTMP streaming and broadcast environments.

More info about nanoStream WebRTC in our Blog.

More info about TalkPoint Convey:

nanoStream Updates shown at StreamingMedia East New York 2015

Join us at StreamingMedia Conference in New York to talk about our new nanoStream software updates for Mobile, Desktop and Browser based Live Video Encoding. See how easy it is with our nanoStream technology to create your own professional live streaming applications

Latest nanoStream SDK and App updates:


  • All platforms include several improvements, including RTMP Adaptive Bitrate streaming and improved connectivity to 3rd party streaming media services and CDN.

    nanoStream SDK 3.7 for Windows:

  • RTMPS secure live streaming and playback
  • RTMP and HLS Multi-Format, Meta Data and Video Overlay Ingest Updates
  • Browser Plugin Update for Google Chrome

    nanoStream SDK 2.9 for MacOS:

  • 64bit update
  • browser update for Chrome and other browsers

    nanoStream SDK 3.0 for iOS:

  • Local recording in HD
  • Audio- and Video-only streaming
  • Adaptive Bitrate and network reconnect improvements
  • Bandwidth checker
  • Video Overlay for HTTP sources
  • External cameras (Gopro and Drones) – separate add-on
  • RTMP decoder/player (separate add-on)

    nanoStream SDK 2.8 for Android:

  • Local recording
  • Audio- and Video-only streaming
  • Adaptive bitrate improvements
  • Stability
  • RTMP decoder/player (separate add-on)

    App Updates:

  • nanoStream App 3.0 for iOS:
  • Live streaming from Drones (e.g. Parrot Bebop)
  • Possibility to stream to custom RTMP URLs or nanoStream servers
  • Social Media Sharing


  • WebRTC-RTMP Server Bridge
  • Room based conferencing solution with screen sharing and rtmp bridge for enterprise video conferencing

    Broadcast SDKs:

  • Updated H264, MPEG2 and MXF encoding and decoding modules



nanoStream Live Streaming from Parrot Bebop Drones

Awesome Parrot Bebop Drone Video Live Streaming with nanoStream @ StreamingMediaEast Conference in New York


Meet us in New York, 12/13 May 2015

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