nanoStream and Google Chrome


In Chrome version 42 introduced in April, 2015, Google changed the default setting for NPAPI plugins like nanoStream from “enabled” to “disabled”. You can re-enable NPAPI support by changing the Chrome Flag. This setting will be removed from Chrome in September 2015, when all NPAPI plugin support from Chrome will be discontinued.

nanoStream Product Options for Web Browsers

All nanocosmos customers will be able to proceed using our nanoStream technology in desktop browser environments. We will
keep providing solutions and updates to our web based live video encoder software along with new browser technologies.

You have these options:

1) nanoStream Web Plugin

nanoStream 2.x and 3.x, as available now, are based on NPAPI and Active-X.

Please check
How to enable NPAPI plugins in Chrome to manually enable NPAPI plugins in Google Chrome.

You find the latest nanoStream Live Encoder Web Page and nanoStream plugin update 3.x here for download, which should enable NPAPI automatically during setup.

All other browsers on Windows and MacOS, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox remain unaffected and continue working with NPAPI. So you will always have the option to use the builtin browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari).

2) nanoStream 4 – as available in Q3/2015 will include an updated plugin which will continue to work in Chrome beyond 2015 and 2016.

3) nanoStream WebRTC extension

available now, is based on a different client technology and requires nanoStream WebRTC-RTMP server bridge.
Click here for more information to connect WebRTC clients to RTMP streaming environments.

nanocosmos will continue to provide updates to our technology based on our own product roadmap and customer feedback to maintain compatibility and interopability to existing and future technologies.

Please contact us for details or book our consulting services.

Background info about NPAPI Plugins

The NPAPI technology is based on native C/C++ code which enables system-level functions in custom plugins within browser environments. Google considers this a security risk, as it is not “sandboxed” as other technologies. Until now, NPAPI is the only plugin technology available on all browsers and desktop platforms (except Internet Explorer, which is using Active-X).

nanoStream Live Encoding Software @ NAB Show 2015

nanoStream Live Encoding Software @ NAB Show 2015

Join us at the NAB Show in Las Vegas

nanoStream live broadcasting

Join us in Las Vegas to talk about our new nanoStream software solutions for Mobile, Desktop and Browser based Live Video Encoding. See how easy it is with our nanoStream technology tocreate your own professional live streaming applications (for live production of news, sports, music, worship, conferencing, chat, and many other use cases).

Live video streaming is buzzing! Maybe you heard about Meerkat and Periscope. You want the live video encoding and streaming experience in your app? Adding live video streaming to your app has become very easy with nanoStream. Would you like to take live video from your mobile camera, a GoPro camera or the DJI Phantom or Parrot’s Bebop and share it through social media? Then visit us at our booth SU13212 to talk about our easy-to-use nanoStream Toolkits and nanoStream App’s for adding live encoding and streaming on Mobile (iOS and Android), Desktop (Windows and MacOS) and Browser environments.

New Product Updates!


  • New nanoStream Apps and SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS
  • Live Streaming from GoPro and Drones with iPhone and iPad
  • (over mobile networks from GoPro, DJI Phantom or Parrot Bebop Wi-Fi , for iOS)
  • Adaptive Bitrate Encoding Optimized for Mobile Networks
  • Local Recording while streaming (HD)
  • Sharing over Twitter and Facebook from your mobile device (optional customizations possible)
  • New WebRTC Browser Client with RTMP Transcoding in the Cloud (Win, Mac, Android)
  • Live RTMP Meta Data Ingest
  • Live HLS Multi-Format Ingest (nanoStream for Windows)
  • nanoStream Apps connecting to nanoStream or any custom RTMP server
  • Improved Broadcast Modules for file based H.264, H.265 and MXF ingest and playout

New Reference Applications for Testing and Sample Source Code!

All platforms include H.264 and AAC encoding and RTMP streaming, compatible to existing media server and CDN systems.

Mobile Encoding Meets Professional Broadcast

nanocosmos Mobile encoding

The nanoStream SDK and Apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android can perfectly be used to create your own custom branded live encoding applications. You can license our software for your own deployment, or use our rebranding services for a fast to market solution. Professional software development services and consultancy are available as well.

The nanocosmos software is based on our own inhouse developed technology for audio/video encoding, decoding and streaming formats and applications, not requiring third party components or critical open-source license.

Features and functions include live encoding for streaming and recording, adaptive bitrate, MP4/H.264/H.265/AAC, MXF, RTMP, RTSP, UDP, HLS/TS, Screen Sharing, Meta Data Ingest, Broadcast Integration, HD Video Mixing and overlays, WebRTC.

Contact us for a meeting or more information.

(Deutsche Version / German Version)

Treffen Sie uns bei der NAB in Las Vegas

Treffen Sie uns in Las Vegas, um über unsere neuen Software-Entwicklungen für das Live-Video-Streaming zu sprechen. Mit der nanoStream-Software ist es sehr einfach, kundenspezifische Live-Anwendungen bereitzustellen. Verfügbar als SDK, Apps, Anwendungen für Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android. Neben der nanoStream Live-Encoder-Software bieten wir Codecs und Broadcast-Module an für filebasiertes Transcoding mit H.264, MPEG und MXF. Zusätzlich sind Support, Beratung und Entwicklung als Option verfügbar.

Nehmen Sie Kontakt auf für ein persönliches Treffen oder weitere Informationen.

Showcase: Live Music Video Streaming for TV Broadcast

nanoStream is being used for a Live Music Video Streaming TV Show for, powered by

Based on our nanoStream Toolkit for Windows, we are using a customized encoder software to provide the best possible integration into a Live TV production environment.
The project is a cooperation between nanocosmos, Fernsehwerft Berlin and

Specific requirements were solved with the software solution which not otherwise would have been possible to easily:

  • Live Video Encoding of 2xRTMP Streams (SD and HD), and 5xHLS streams to directly ingest into a broadcast CDN
  • Seemless integration of a Meta Data ingest UI to trigger remote ad-insertions
  • flexible easy-to-user interface with preconfigured streaming setups

    The software is based on the nanoStream SDK, a easy-to-use software toolkit to create live video encoding applications.
    The HLS Encoder is being used in 2 live shows, the songbook series showing live music shows, and the roomservice series.

    nanoStream Live Video Encoder with 5xHLS and 2xRTMP Output

    Live Meta Data Interface

    More information:

  • Ampya Songbook
  • Ampya Roomservice
  • Fernsehwerft
  • nanocosmos


  • Job offer: assistant for international customer relations

    nanocosmos is hiring an assistant for international customer relations.

    If you are interested in working in a creative team with high skills in video coding and stream applications,
    and would like to help us bring this technology to our customer, let us know!

    You should bring some of these skills – not all :)

  • interest to work with international teams, partners and customers
  • Fundamental know-how or strong interest in video communication, including encoding, streaming, conferencing, etc.
  • Project Management and reporting between different team members (Development; Management; Customers)
  • Marketing or Customer Relationship expertise
  • Software development for Web, Desktop or Mobile Apps
  • English and/or German language skills, plus one other language
  • Agile, iterative work approach with close communication

    Bonus but no must-have is interest or experience in these specific areas:
    Development in HTML/JS, C/C++, C#, Video Coding, Video Streaming

    Your tasks can be one of the following, dependend on expertise and interest:

    • Work with international partners
    • Product planning with the team for exhibition shows and conferences
    • Support our partners and customers in integrating our software into their solutions
    • Customer relationship

    Our main office is in Berlin, Germany.

    Contact us

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