nanoStream App for iOS – Quick Start Guide

nanoStream App for iOS – Quick Start Guide

Use the camera of your Apple mobile device or external cameras to record a video stream, encode it, broadcast it live through the internet and save it to your device for later viewing. The nanoStream App provides an easy and fast way to record content with your mobile device and view it live on a web page on other devices or share it through Facebook, Email, Whatsapp, Dropbox and other communication or storage options accessible through your mobile device. You will need a stable internet connection (preferentially WiFi over 4G/LTE), an iPhone, iPad or iPod and a nanoStream account. The following steps will guide you through the set up:

 Go to the App Store and search for nanoStreamAppstorens_get



OPEN nanoStream, a new page will appear where you can Login. If you have no nanoStream account create an account: please Register with an email address and a password (news will be provided to you).


In the case that you did not have an account, and you just created one, you will receive a link in your email. Please activate your account by clicking on this link. Return to the Login page and provide your login details to proceed with opening the App.




The nanoStream App will open and require access to your Camera and Microphone (click on OK). The app will display a Rec-Button (1),  a streaming indicator (2), time information (3) and (4), Settings (5), Camera (6) (for alternating between front and back camera), Light (7), Microphone (8), the Streaming-Link (9), Share Options(10) (for sharing your stream through the communication options available through your device, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Email…), Saved Videos (11) (to access videos saved locally in your device) and Snapshot (12) (to make a photograph while Streaming or before starting a stream).



When the Sreaming Indicator (2) is green, the App is ready to start recording a stream with the Rec-button (1) (the Streaming Indicator (2) will turn to red).


To view the stream through a web browser in a remote device, enter the Streaming- Link (9) on the address headline. You will be redirected to a page where you can enter your stream-ID (in the field “Enter your stream ID to view your stream”). The Stream-ID is the six digit number in the streaming-link (in the example it is 772380).



To share your recorded stream by all communication possibilities supported by your smartphone or tablet (E-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Dropbox…) use Share-Options (10). Standard streaming allows for a two minute period(displayed in (4)). The amount of time that you have already used up is indicated in (3). Once you have used up your time limit, a message will appear that you can log out and back in to stream again. Contact Nanocosmos if you need longer continuous streaming time or separate URL designations for your tests.

You can also save your stream to your mobile device in addition to broadcasting it. Press the Settings button (5), go to Video and choose from the available Options next to Local Recording.


The Snaphsot function (11) makes it possible to make photographs while using the nanoStream Live Encoder, both during Streaming or otherwise.  The snapshots are placed in the Photos Folder. (camera roll).



The videos and snapshots stored in your iOS device (saved in the Photos Folder) can be subsequently uploaded to a server. Go to Settings (5) and scroll down to Upload where you can provide an upload URL  and optionally a file path.


Advanced Settings


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