Live Video Broadcast and Communication
Plugin-free and low latency

    Plugin-Free Live Video Communication with Low Latency


    The client-server solution is perfect for browser-based interactive live streaming use cases

    nanoStream broadcast

    • Plugin-free Live Encoder / broadcast
    • Lowest latency live encoding
    • Cloud-Based or On-Premise
    • Cross-Platform
    • Flexible HTML/JS API
    • Chat & Broadcast

    Try communication and broadcast!

    Try live streaming directly here within your browser! (You need a WebRTC-compatible browser like Chrome or Firefox. iOS is not supported.)
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    What would you like to try?

    a) 1-click live broadcast to nanoStream Cloud from your own camera

    b) Full-featured live chat and broadcast

    Start with your own account:
    Stream via the nanoStream Cloud or Server.
    Register with and start streaming live.
    Read the Tutorial.


    All nanoStream products can be combined with our nanoStream SDKs and end-to-end nanoStream Cloud & stream management service.
    Run true plugin-free, web-based live video streaming applications with our solution.

    End-to-end solution by nanoStream