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`Avg`, `Best`, and `Wrst` are all measurements of latency in milliseconds (e.g. `ms`). `Last` is the latency of the last packet sent, `Avg` is average latency of all packets, while `Best` and `Wrst` display the best... greater the difference is between measurements of latency. Standard deviation allows you to assess if the m
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# Live Video Encoder - Low Latency Streaming ## Overview: *NOTES: * - End-to-end latency is dependent on all components in the workflow: c... r, upstream, server/cloud, downstream, player. - Latency is primarily based on stream buffers and streamin... ud can be used for plugin-free, browser-based low latency playback. This document describes recommended se
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# Live Video Encoder - Latency in general The latency for a stream depends on the protocol, which is used to view the stream, and also o... e buffer size for the player. RTMP allows a lower latency than HLS. Common latency values for RTMP are 2 to 5 seconds. Whereas latency values for HLS are often betw
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| AudioLatency | Audio Device Latency (ms) | ... eam Plugin. ### "Baseline Profile - LowRes - Low Latency" configuration Features: Highest compatibility, ... oderate quality, low cpu/system requirements, low latency Applications: Standard web streaming configuratio... ents `</code>` ### "Main Profile - LowRes - Low Latency" configuration Features: High compatibility, mod
faq:is_low_latency_streaming_available: 7 Hits
# Is low latency streaming available? Yes, our nanoStream Cloud software and services support low latency live streaming, on any HTML5 browser with a global scale. *NOTES: * - End-to-end latency is dependent on all components in the workflow: c... r, upstream, server/cloud, downstream, player. - Latency is primarily based on stream buffers and streamin
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live video streaming in HTML5 web browsers. **Low latency live streaming** (0.5-2 seconds end-to-end) and a... e to Chrome, Firefox and other browsers - HLS low-latency: compatible to Safari on iOS and MacOS - MP4: com... use to play your RTMP live streams with ultra-low-latency. It is based on H5Live server components and plug... e end-to-end live streaming services in ultra-low latency. There are different possible use cases for inte
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coder_-_overlay_mixing) * [Live Video Encoder - Latency in general](/live_video_encoder_-_latency_in_general) * [Live Video Encoder - Low Latency](/live_video_encoder_-_low_latency) * [Live Video Encoder - Adaptive Bitrate](/live_video_encoder_-_adap
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eam FAQ - Live Encoding and Streaming * [Is low latency streaming available](Is low latency streaming available)? * [Which Systems (OS) do you support](Which Sy
faq:how_to_achieve_the_optimal_h.264_quality: 2 Hits
rameDistance: 50-100, H264PFrameDistance: 1 (low latency), H264VlcMode: CABAC Example for HD video with... rameDistance: 50-100, H264PFrameDistance: 1 (low latency), H264VlcMode: CAVLC ### Deblocking Filter The
faq:can_i_stream_to_a_mobile_phone_or_tablet_pc_-_including_iphone_or_ipad: 1 Hits
Live player supports live playback with ultra-low-latency on all HTML5 browsers. Live Playback in iOS devi
faq:which_streaming_servers_can_i_use: 1 Hits
ffers the best end-to-end user experience for low-latency live streaming worldwide. It includes the unique
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diagnostic tool to measure point-to-point network latency, and as a tool to simply ensure you are able to m
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owest desired level here, lower level means lower latency //level will be automatically increased by encode
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Which browsers/plattforms do we support? The low-latency nanoStream h5Live Player runs on all full-feature
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