Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Lietz

CEO, nanocosmos gmbh. Consulting/Teaching/Research/Development of Audio/Video Software Projects.

nanocosmos gmbh

  • nanoStream SDKs - nanoStream Cloud - H5Live Player - Interactive Live Video Streaming and Communication

    Teaching / Research

    I occasionally co-work on research projects with nanocosmos in collaboration with R/D institutions and universities, and sometimes hold lectures and seminars at Beuth University.
    If you are interested to co-work on projects, exams or just are looking for a job, please reach out.
    Possible areas of interest: live streaming, video communication, coding, interactive/realtime collaboration, 360/VR/AR

    Projects at Beuth University for Applied Sciences

  • Projects at Media Computer Science (BHT FB6)
  • Infos at Beuth-Media.de


  • lietz at nanocosmos.de
  • nanocosmos.de