Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Lietz

CEO/Founder, nanocosmos gmbh. Consulting/Teaching/Research/Development of Realtime Audio/Video Solutions. | LinkedIn

nanocosmos gmbh

At nanocosmos, we work on nanoStream Cloud, a global live streaming platform for interactive use cases. We do a lot exciting R&D for our global customer base!

Jobs and Internships

nanocosmos has frequent job offerings for students, researchers, software engineers, in the field of video communication, live streaming and cloud technologies.

Teaching / Research

I teach at Berlin University for Applied Sciences (BHT). I communicate in German or English.
  • New! WS 2023: Realtime Media Systems

    Projects at BHT University for Applied Sciences

  • Blog at BHT-Media
  • Projects at BHT-Media
  • Screen based media
  • Master Project (Robert Strzebkowski)
  • Real-Time Media Systems (Robert Strzebkowski)
  • CG Lab
  • Medieninformatik Bachelor / Master

    Projects, Supervision and Collaboration

    I co-work on research projects with nanocosmos in collaboration with R/D institutions and universities, like Fraunhofer and BHT. I supervise final theses and projects! If you are interested to co-work, please reach out.
    Possible areas of interest: realtime media, live streaming, audio/video/speech communication, 360/VR/AR, AI, Cloud Computing, SaaS, DevOps

    Live Streaming at BHT University for Applied Sciences

    For education and research, there is free access to the live streaming platform nanoStream Cloud.

    Projects at BHT University for Applied Sciences

  • Screen based media
  • Master Project
  • Real-Time Media Systems
  • CG Lab
  • Projects at Media Computer Science (BHT FB6)
  • Contact

  • lietz at nanocosmos.de
  • Skype: nanocosmos
  • Tel: +49 175 5667641
  • nanocosmos.de
    Sample image
    That's me and the nanocosmos team after recieving an award at IBC Show Amsterdam