Collaboration with nanoStream WebRTC: secure and high quality video-based collaboration in real-time

Nanocosmos’ new WebRTC server and client toolkits make in-house communication for corporates and institutions easier, more effective and safe. WebRTC, or Web Real Time Communication, enables plugin-free video broadcast and video chat communication through the browser. No new app installation necessary, no download – a simple but secure browser-based application, with a user interface that can be customized to suit your corporate environment.

WebRTC Communications neu

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WebRTC Video Communications: nanoStream Use Cases

nanoStream WebRTC solutions enable secure browser-based video communication in a wide range of use cases. Our customers’ ideas range from unified communications in enterprises and business applications, to tools for better recruitment practices and education at a distance!

Live Streaming made easy!
WebRTC for your business -the easy and secure cross-platform solution

Our partners use our software to bring solutions to the fields of education, events, and training. WebRTC guarantees a stable live video stream from any device through the browser.
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TalkPoint Convey Webcasting Platform integrates WebRTC Technology by nanocosmos

TalkPoint Convey integrates WebRTC technology by nanocosmos.

Talkpoint Convey is the only true do-it-yourself, enterprise-grade webcasting platform available today. No downloads, no plug-ins – all you need is a browser.

With the nanoStream WebRTC-RTMP bridge server technology, seemless integration of WebRTC clients are possible into RTMP streaming and broadcast environments.

More info about nanoStream WebRTC in our Blog.

More info about TalkPoint, a PGI company, and the Webcasting platform Convey: