Professional Recording Services for Universities by tele-TASK and nanoStream

Using the nanoStream Windows SDK, tele-TASK provides universities worldwide with a complete distance learning solution in a suitcase. tele-TASK is a portable recording system for the university environment, built at the Hasso Plattner Institute for IT Systems Engineering in Potsdam, Germany.


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Education-at-a-Distance with nanoStream

nanoStream enables global learning solutions with complete live streaming software.

Tools for learning-at-a-distance are a key feature of modern educational institutions. The providers of distance learning software need cross-platform accessibility, secure streaming of the educational material, and an easy adaptation of the software into the specific learning environment. nanoStream live streaming software has been adopted by several customers from the educational sector enabling a complete solution, for a classroom experience on the global level.

Whether for university learning management systems, or education-at-a-distance applications, the nanoStream end-to-end solution covers software products through encoding, streaming, and playback. Continue reading “Education-at-a-Distance with nanoStream”

WebRTC Video Communications: nanoStream Use Cases

nanoStream WebRTC solutions enable secure browser-based video communication¬†in a wide range of use cases. Our customers’ ideas range from unified communications in enterprises and business applications, to tools for better recruitment practices and education at a distance!

Live Streaming made easy!
WebRTC for your business -the easy and secure cross-platform solution

Our partners use our software to bring solutions to the fields of education, events, and training. WebRTC guarantees a stable live video stream from any device through the browser.
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