Use Case: Hauppauge – Stream-Eez Pro

Hauppauge has a long tradition specializing in TV tuners and data broadcast products. Live video streaming has become an important tool for offices, university campuses, and other event organizers, who want to increase their outreach. In these places, video broadcasts have to be set up easily and guarantee secure transmission of the stream.

Hauppauge partnered with nanoStream to enable easy, secure event live streaming with ultra-low latency for large audiences. The Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro is a video encoder that connects to any HDMI high definition camera. It is a great live streaming tool for on-premise installation for any use case that requires the use of local servers. Users can stream church events, school sport meets, local school board meetings, town hall meetings and any other live event.

Continue reading “Use Case: Hauppauge – Stream-Eez Pro” enables plugin-free browser based broadcasting enables plugin-free video broadcasting directly through the browser and is a great extension to the cross platform nanoStream SDK product line. Based on a HTML/Javascript client, the technology runs on WebRTC-compatible browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and is planned for Microsoft Edge.

Experience plugin-free live video technology with nanoStream! is available without previous installation and supports H.264 codec passthrough streaming for reduced server load and better scalability for high numbers of concurrent broadcasters for video webcasting services. The software guarantees secure streaming through the server or your own server. Our client software enables easy integration of the software into your webpage. Continue reading “ enables plugin-free browser based broadcasting”

Skillster: Persönliche Bewerbungsvideos mit nanoStream WebRTC

Rekrutierungen und Bewerbungen sind meist für beide Seiten anstrengend. Manager und Personaler müssen sich durch identische Lebensläufe und unpersönliche Motivationsschreiben arbeiten und auch für Bewerber/innen ist der langwierige Bewerbungsprozess kein Zuckerschlecken.

nanocosmos-Kunde skillster hat die Lösung: Persönliche Bewerbungsvideos mit dem WebRTC Plugin von nanoStream machen das Bewerben einfacher und angenehmer. Durch die nanoStream Komplettlösung werden die Videos für skillster direkt über den Server aufgenommen und gestreamt.


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Skillster: Video Recruiting with nanoStream WebRTC

Recruitment can be a tedious task for both sides. As a manager you might dread sorting through piles of identical CVs and cover letters. Jobseekers don’t particularly enjoy putting together countless applications either and struggle with limited space and time. Based on nanoStream WebRTC and, skillster facilitates a new way of recruiting, using personal skill testing and video to make the process easier and more enjoyable. The nanoStream end-to-end solution enables skillster to provide instant server-based streaming and recording. Continue reading “Skillster: Video Recruiting with nanoStream WebRTC”

TalkPoint: Secure unified communications with nanoStream WebRTC

TalkPoint, a nanocosmos customer, builds on the nanoStream WebRTC to RTMP server bridge to provide businesses and corporations of all areas with complete communications solutions. Web Real Time Communications, WebRTC for short lets businesses simplify their in-house and external communications in a secure way.

Whether it is a 50-person video conference or broadcasting a live event for over 10.000 viewers, the low latency and high professionality of nanoStream software enables effective cooperation among employees at a distance. TalkPoint lets firms worldwide convey their business ideas to a global audience. Directly through their browsers, users can chat with your colleagues at a distance, present slideshows, or share documents. Information and data is securely stored in the cloud or on the firm’s servers. Continue reading “TalkPoint: Secure unified communications with nanoStream WebRTC”