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Stream live and in low latency directly from your browser to a large audience with the nanoStream client-server solution.
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What is nanoStream

Setting up secure online meetings at a distance or streaming live events to thousands of worldwide viewers: nanoStream makes it very easy to create custom live video communication and interactive live streaming applications with low latency.

In combination with the nanoStream H5Live Player, nanoStream offers a seamless user experience for plugin-free live video broadcast on any device.

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Setting up nanoStream WebRTC for Live Video Broadcast

Setting up your own live WebRTC video broadcast and chat solution is easy with nanoStream.

Live Streaming made easy!WebRTC peer-to-peer video communication with nanoStream

WebRTC enables plugin-free video communication through the browser.

nanoStream supports 2 modes:

  1. Live Video Broadcast to live streaming audiences (RTMP/HLS/H5Live)
  2. Video Chat / Conferencing  (Peer-to-peer)

Based on an HTML/Javascript client running in WebRTC compatible browsers (e.g. Google Chrome), it seamlessly connects to nanoStream Cloud to stream to large audiences. You can also integrate any other RTMP streaming server.

Live Video Broadcast can be as simple as a single click on a browser button!

Low latency and adaptive bitrate improvements have been incorporated. nanoStream WebRTC is currently available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. H264 support for transcoding and passthrough streaming is starting with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Read our new nanoStream WebRTC Setup Guide:

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The possibilities and challenges of live video streaming

Businesses worldwide are quickly adopting live video streaming for their ventures. The diversity of applications shows why:  classic video conferencing and webcasting tools, TV broadcast-like applications for sports and e-sports streaming, telehealth applications like doctor’s appointments via a tablet, or social media streaming apps for user generated content (UGC) are only a few of the possibilities.

Live video streaming makes content more accessible and communication simpler. This recent Apps World post lists Periscope, the #1 live video streaming app, as one of the 11 social media apps to “break out in 2016”. And Facebook Live has followed the trend, sparking success among celebrities and media organizations.

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Set Up Your nanoStream Cloud Live Stream with

Setting up a live stream in nanoStream Cloud with

The stream management software is part of the nanoStream Cloud an enables easy management of live video streams with nanoStream Live Encoders and Players or any other encoder or playback software.

Instead of difficult set-up, organisation, and maintenance of your own streaming server, leverage proven software know-how and quality with nanoStream Cloud live streaming services, for instant, low-latency live streaming for your own brand.

Start streaming immediately!

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With nanoStream and you have full control over your live streaming workflow

This guide shows you how to easily set up a live stream via

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