Use Case: Live Streaming from Drones helps Search & Rescue Operations with DroneSAR

People in emergency situations rely on fast help. Live video streaming technology can accelerate the rescue process by sending images video live video from the area of danger immediately, from the most remote places.

See how our partner DroneSAR is using Live Video Streaming from Drones and Mobile Phones for Search & Rescue applications for the Irish Donegal Mountain Rescue.


dronesar1Read the report in Irish News

Humanitarian organisations, such as the UNHCR, Firefighters, other First Responders, and medical professionals around the world are resolving to live streaming technology for safe, stable, and fast communication in situations of emergency. Continue reading “Use Case: Live Streaming from Drones helps Search & Rescue Operations with DroneSAR”

Use Case: Hauppauge – Stream-Eez Pro

Hauppauge has a long tradition specializing in TV tuners and data broadcast products. Live video streaming has become an important tool for offices, university campuses, and other event organizers, who want to increase their outreach. In these places, video broadcasts have to be set up easily and guarantee secure transmission of the stream.

Hauppauge partnered with nanoStream to enable easy, secure event live streaming with ultra-low latency for large audiences. The Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro is a video encoder that connects to any HDMI high definition camera. It is a great live streaming tool for on-premise installation for any use case that requires the use of local servers. Users can stream church events, school sport meets, local school board meetings, town hall meetings and any other live event.

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Smartfrog partners with nanocosmos for affordable home security

Smartfrog partnered with Nanocosmos to develop powerful IoT mobile live streaming apps using the nanoStream software developer kits for Android and iOS. The nanoStream Encoder and Player software guarantee reliable and secure transmission of high quality live streams.

Smartfrog is a tech company focused on the “Internet of Things”,  making everyday objects more intelligent and connected to the internet and enabling the user to access them from anywhere at any time. Smartfrog wants the latest technologies to be affordable and user-friendly, so that the everyday lives of their users become more comfortable, more efficient and more secure.


Smartfrog needed a secure live stream for its apps that allows them to operate 24/7, Continue reading “Smartfrog partners with nanocosmos for affordable home security”

Professional Recording Services for Universities by tele-TASK and nanoStream

Using the nanoStream Windows SDK, tele-TASK provides universities worldwide with a complete distance learning solution in a suitcase. tele-TASK is a portable recording system for the university environment, built at the Hasso Plattner Institute for IT Systems Engineering in Potsdam, Germany.


The recording workflow with tele-TASK and the nanoStream software. Continue reading “Professional Recording Services for Universities by tele-TASK and nanoStream”