Article: Interactive Live Streaming with Ultra-Low Latency

Interactive Live Streaming with Ultra-Low Latency

Oliver Lietz, CEO nanocosmos


Interactive live streaming applications allow viewers to experience events around the world in real time. In this article, we will describe how these applications are created, how they achieve ultra-low latency levels, and how our nanoStream H5Live and playback technologies help users achieve their low-latency goals.


How can I create true interactive live streaming applications with ultra-low latency?

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Firefox 52 disables NPAPI plugins support

In the newly released Firefox 52, all plugins built on the old NPAPI technology are disabled by default, except for Flash, which Mozilla plans to support for a few more versions.

NPAPI stands for Netscape Plugins API and is used by the nanoStream Web Browser Plugin for live encoding with H264/AAC/RTMP.

You can still proceed using plugins with a configuration option.

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Tele Health Apps with nanoStream

With the help of nanoStream’s video collaboration software, tele health enterprises connect patients and doctors in live video consultations.

Virtual medical consultations reach their limits when patients need the physical examination of medical personnel. But they are a necessary technical improvement for patients who are living in remote areas, have chronic illnesses or are seeking a second medical opinion.

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What is nanoStream

Setting up secure online meetings at a distance or streaming live events to thousands of worldwide viewers:

nanoStream makes it very easy to create custom live video communication and interactive live streaming applications with low latency.

In combination with the nanoStream H5Live Player, nanoStream offers a seamless user experience for plugin-free live video encoding and broadcast from the browser.

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