The Best Ways To Reduce Latency

Are you struggling to reduce long latency times in your live streaming applications?

Learn how to achieve ultra-low latency with nanoStream products, like the nanoStream H5Live Player. Low latency is especially important for live event broadcasting and interactive live streaming applications, like sports, betting, and auctions. Read this article for ultra-low latency interactive use cases with nanoStream

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“The Best Ways to Reduce Latency”, Tuesday May 2, 11.00 AM PT / 2.00 PM ET

nanocosmos at NAB 2017 – Las Vegas

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Meet us at NAB in Las Vegas between April 22-25 for a chat about nanoStream ultra-low latency live encoding software, and the nanoStream cloud platform and development services for your live streaming projects.

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We do not have a booth at this year’s NAB, so please contact us via email (, Skype (nanocosmos) or phone (+49 175 5667641).

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Low Latency for Interactive Use Cases

nanocosmos Executive Prediction for 2017 in Streaming Media Magazine.

I need low latency for live video – but the Flash player is no longer supported! How can I solve this?

Live video is getting more and interactive, which requires bidirectional communication with low latency. Bets and auctions that are streamed live, or video communications via live chat require latency below 1 or 2 seconds for an approved buyer experience. How can we guarantee low latency playback?

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